G.I Is The Best Community In NZ

Today My Literacy group had to write what was so good about G.I

GI has everything like shops and restaurants.

Gi has an op shop. .

Gi has a library.

Gi has a dominos.


Everyone in GI is chill, they are just kind to everyone.

GI has cool people.

Gi has a few leaders that have group meetings.

Gi’s community helps everyone


Gi has heaps of houses, a train and even a mcdonalds.

Most people that go to Pt England School live in Gi.

Pt England is about 500 Metres from GI.

Since gi is not that far, kids just walk to and from school.

When I go past Gi I see so many Pt England kids riding on their bikes.


The best thing about Gi is that it has a pool.

There is a paknsave and a countdown.

Gi has a beach along with a few beaches.

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