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Fit For Purpose

This morning we had an Immersion assembly abot the current theme: Fit For Purpose. My favourite part of it was team 5 because I think that they were the best at showing how we would do at cross country, I feel like I would be number 4. They were the best because they were telling us the styles of  how they train and I would want to follow number 4.


I would like to get fit this term so I don’t do bad in cross country.

Extention Term 2

This term in Extention my group had been working on a project about a cultures clothes or traditionals items that they wear for a special time of the year. We were becoming fashion designers and had to create two pieces of clothing for the current culture like that patterns, colours and how the people wear them. For me I did a Vietnamese funeral because I thought that it would be funny for my friends to laugh but then I was actually wondering what it would be like so I actually did some research on it and this is what i’m explaining today. For vietnam I did a male’s costume that shows what they wear and why they are unique. The three main ideas that we had to use were Cutral appropriation, sustainability and Social Conciousness. As you can see I have put social concousness and sustainability but I forgot to do it because it was hard. Anyways I hope you enjoy looking and reading and there will be more be more in the future.


Seventh Grade ( Voiceover )


Walt: We are learning to expres ourselves and read fluently.

This week I have been reading a book called seventh grade and I had to do a voiceover for it. As you can see here these are the marks that I gave for myself because that’s the way I thought I did. You can listen to the voiceover above the rating. I liked most doing the voice over and I dind’t like was answering the questions because they were hard.

I hope you enjoy.