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My Goal for Term 2

This term my goal is for me to be able to do better at a prefect.

I will do this by helping everyone when they are struggling and by doing better in assembly like doing duffy certificates or doing the mihi (etc).


I would also like for me to try find a way for me to balance my prefect work aswell as my classroom work so the teachers dont get annoyed with me.

Sensational Subtraction

 Sensational Subtraction

We are learning to solve subtraction problems using decimal numbers.


List 3  prime numbers: 1 5 7


List the factors of 24: 1 2 4 6 8 12 24


List the common factors of 24 and 48:


2 4 6 8 12


Mr Burt has $1000 in the maths budget at the start of the year.


He starts by purchasing 650 maths books, at $0.30 each. His total spend is: $195


 How much does he have left? 455


Next he spends $167.70 on rulers and protractors


How much is left now? $287.30


Then he purchases 5 text books, which cost $26.50 each. The 5 textbooks cost:  


 How much does he have left? 


Finally he spends $6.70 on stickers.


 How much does he have left?


4 – 0.768 = 4.232.