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Extention JamBoard Term 3

Last week me and my Extension made this jamboard about what would be important to different age groups. There were four different groups that all had a different colour to do a different slide. Every 10 – 15 minutes we would change onto the next slide and try to make new notes that the last group didn’t put because you can’t just put anything random in there because someone could of already done it. My group for this activity was orange, two boys and two girls and we worked tigether really well. As you can see the topics are, What are important to 11 – 13 year olds, issues that would be for our aunts, uncles, teachers and parents, issues for people who are 65 and over/ retired and issues that are good towards toddlers.

I hope you enjoy viewing our slides and please leave a possitive comment.


My Extension Project

Last term in Extension we were creating a uniform/dress for a cultural for a special ocasion etc: Birthday, wedding and I did a Vietnamese Funeral. It was hard to find out about what I wanted to draw but I eventually found out what I needed. This activity was fun but it was a tiny bit hard. I used SUSTAINABILITY, SOCIAL CONCOUSNESS AND CULTUAL APPOPIATION \.


Extention Term 2

This term in Extention my group had been working on a project about a cultures clothes or traditionals items that they wear for a special time of the year. We were becoming fashion designers and had to create two pieces of clothing for the current culture like that patterns, colours and how the people wear them. For me I did a Vietnamese funeral because I thought that it would be funny for my friends to laugh but then I was actually wondering what it would be like so I actually did some research on it and this is what i’m explaining today. For vietnam I did a male’s costume that shows what they wear and why they are unique. The three main ideas that we had to use were Cutral appropriation, sustainability and Social Conciousness. As you can see I have put social concousness and sustainability but I forgot to do it because it was hard. Anyways I hope you enjoy looking and reading and there will be more be more in the future.