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G.I is the best commumity

GI has everything like shops and restaurants.
Gi has an op shop. .
Gi has a library.
Gi has a dominos.

Everyone in GI is chill, they are just kind to everyone.
GI has cool people.
Gi has a few leaders that have group meetings.
Gi’s community helps everyone

Gi has heaps of houses, a train and even a mcdonalds.
Most people that go to Pt England School live in Gi.
Pt England is about 500 Metres from GI.
Since gi is not that far, kids just walk to and from school.
When I go past Gi I see so many Pt England kids riding on their bikes.

The best thing about Gi is that it has a pool.
There is a paknsave and a countdown.
Gi has a few beaches.

G.I pools is an amazing place to go in the summer. It has a lane pool, baby pool and a pool that takes swimming lessons and you’re allowed to play in it for fun. There is a spa, hot air room and a gym. The best thing about the pools is that you can go in whatever pool you want. Sometimes they kick everyone out of the pool and do diving lessons. They are always open apart from when lockdown happens.

In G.I there is a paknsave and a countdown. They are both really good places because they have every food and drink you need. They both have an entrance with heaps of shopping carts at the start and an area where you can enter and leave. My favourite thing about them is that all the employees are really kind.