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Hi My Name Is Jacob And This Is My Animation For This Term. My animation was about our theme Fit For Purpose which if you don’t understand it means staying healthy and fit. My animation had some funny scenes like skibidi toilet and fortnite. I hope that you enjoy my animation and I hope that you leave a positive comment on my blog, thank you.



Today in CyberSmart we were talking about who are the people that you trust like your whanau and the people at school. There was other stuff telling us what to do when stuff goes wrong like people being mean to us.

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This week for cybersmart we had to find a blog from a student in rooms 16, 17 and 18 and comment on their blog. I found a kid who was called T.J and this is the blog comment that I sent to him.

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This week and last week in literacy my group were making posters on a country in the world excluding NZ Australia any country in the pacific and U.S. I had a had in which I did south korea and he did North korea. The stuff on the poster were the most important stuff and yeah I hope you enjoy.